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Um...I'm new..ish

Hi folks.

I’ve been part of inter net message boards for quite some time, but never this one, until today.

Some that I am more “regular” on usually require some kind of introduction…so I just wanted to find out if you guys do as well…or does no one really care?


It’s nice to meet you, Harvey. You’re the first that I recall offering an introduction. Join right in and have fun.

So am I! Yet…I allready have learned so much and I think I allready fixed my car.? Check out he Tarantulas on you tube…my frien’ Randy J plays three guitars at once(not shown here)…this is his band…not too fond of the song yet, I like them. I checked out your blog…I agree with your music ideals!

They know me, and sometimes wish…a Merry Christmas, among other things. I want everybody to own a new car instead of fixing the old one.

We’re not picky, Harvey. Just jump in and enjoy yourself. Lots to be learned here, and plenty of opportunities to share what you already know.

We (I make a leap to an assumption) really don’t care unless you pose good questions or answers. As far as I have seen in my time here it is not a hello how are ya my name is I like… type of site. It is made up of people with car problems and people with car answers, bringing joy to both groups but not a chat room.