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Introduction thread?

Either I’m just really not observant, or there isn’t a formal introduction thread. Either way. Hello and talk to you all soon.

I don’t even know what an “introduction thread” is. And, yet, we do okay.
If you have a question, we’re happy to help. If you’d like to join us and help, welcome to the form.

Years ago there was something like that.

We did have an “Introductions” thread for several years. I really enjoyed it, as it helped contributors share the human side of who they were - something that doesn’t come across naturally in daily technical discussions.

For some reason it was taken down. I would love to see it return.

Yeah I liked it too except sometimes you need to be a little anonymous on the internet. I remember transman gave his name, location and even pictures of his kids. After a while though you get the general location folks are in, if they are pros or not, or engineers, retired, and so on but I’m not sure we really need to go much farther than that.

IIRC, when @“Honda Blackbird” started posting here, he introduced himself and asked the rest of us to introduce ourselves, too.

This is a very informal but informative site. Just get yourself a poster name that’s legal (Carolyn will tell you if it is not) and off you go.

@Docnick, In my 8+ years of being here, I’m happy to say I’ve only had to address one scatological username. :smile:

There’s a thread at the top of the list on the “General Discussion” page “Tips for New Users” something like that. Before posting suggest you read through that. Welcome to the forum.

Take my advice; you can always use it for something.

Hi Carolyn:
Can you share any thoughts on why the “Introduction” thread was removed and any current thinking on if it might be restored?

Good morning. Sure, happy to say. The original thread (your credentials, please - opened by Mr. Blackbird himself) devolved into an argument about the meaning of “professional,” and I got a bunch of private messages asking me to close it. Then in 2014 another intro thread was created. Some intros were offered, but then others said credentials were potentially misleading…and the thread turned into a bunch of animal jokes, so I closed that, too.

Introduction Thread ?—How many people tell the truth on the internet anyway ?

Many years ago, there was a really funny cartoon that was commenting on the lies that people tell on dating websites regarding…their weight…their appearance, and even…their marital status. The cartoon pictured a dog typing on a computer, and the caption was, “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog!”.

@cdaquila beat me to it. The thread was “Your Credentials Please” and you can find it by typing that into the search window just below the New Discussion button.

Many of the current regulars give info on how they got into cars as professionals and hobbyist.

“devolved into an argument”, “thread turned into a bunch of animal jokes”

Here??? Say it ain’t so Joe. We are all mature, measured, reasonable, tolerant, respectful and kind professionals and consumers just trying to help the ignorant public. Even when an OP rakes another member over the coals and calls him/her names, we bit our tongues and said nothing. Of course we do get off track once in a while, and once a question is asked its a free for all where it will go, but that’s life.

I meant those things in the most neutral sense - the discussion went on for a long time before it became an argument, and I rarely close a thread. All of the other things you said are very true. Most of the time I just sit back and observe, @Bing, without any judgment. :smile:

I remember that “credentials” thread and I have to agree with Carolyn

It eventually took a turn for the worse . . . because it’s very hard to keep a good thing going for a long period of time . . . and did not recover

We all like to argue, some more than others :naughty:

That would be me . . . at least I’m man enough to point the finger at myself :anguished:

But I’m not alone . . . I’m in good company :wink:

Wow, more responses than I was expecting, but you guys are clearly a very active and engaged group. That’s great to see! And I am relieved that I didn’t just overlook the obvious. It’s ok if there’s no introductions thread, I just wanted to make sure I was posting in the right place. I’ve been in forums before where people get pretty annoyed with that type of thing. But I do agree though some anonymity is good and you learn about people (particularly their level of expertise) as you go along.

@WheelsOntheRoad Welcome to the forum. Although informal, this site has a wide range of expertise, from experienced mechanics, automotive engineers, IT specialists, chemical and electronic skills as well as sound operating and maintenance experience. Many have owned and operated cars and trucks well beyond their original design life and can give “Drive it forever” advice.

Many of us have also lived and worked overseas and can advise on conditions there, as well as give good travel advice.