Left wheel keeps locking up

I was driving the other day when I heard a grinding noise coming from my front left wheel I was able to get it home and it let it sit for the rest of the day today I was going to drive to a shop but as I was pulling out the driveway way the car stopped on it own I wasn’t able to go forward or backwards I put in neutral and it still wouldn’t move I. I was able to move up a little and and back a little but it would just stop and go no matter how hard I pressed on the gas I took off the wheel to take a look the breaks didn’t seem to be rubbing the wheel bearing seems to still be solid I had a mobile mechanic take a look he said it’s the transmission but I don’t know it’s a 2012 Nissan Altima any help would be appreciated

After 14 hours and 85 views and no one has replied, I recommend rewriting using punctuation and breaking up the sentence so we can understand your issue a little better… Slow down and maybe prof read a little… :wink:

That being said, normal causes is calipers and or brake hoses sticking/seized or collapsing/breaking down internally not allowing the fluid to return/release… It can also be caused by the ABS module not releasing an internal valve, or a few other issues…
Normally a Transmission won’t lock up 1 wheel, they tend to lock up a pair of wheels just like being in park with both tires firmly on the ground, even something in the diff area of the transaxle it would still lock up both wheels…

Did the engine rev up a lot (2500-3000 rpms) or stop revving at around 1800ish rpms???

Suggest to not press harder on the gas pedal in attempt to resolve this problem. Doing that could turn a relatively inexpensive repair to a very expensive repair. Instead ask shop to put your car on their lift for an inspection. Tow it there if necessary. They’ll be able to easily tell if the problem is one wheel locking up, or both, and then go from there. I’m guessing the problem is in the final drive portion of the transmission, the transmission’s differential in other words.