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02 Altima grinding noise from driver side wheel

Hi All,
I’ve got this 02 Nissan Altima 126,000 miles. I did a front brake job on my self, new rotors and ceramic pads. Immediately after the brake job, I started hearing this horrible grinding noise when weight is shifted to the driver side. It happens when I take apply the brakes or make a right turn. When making a right turn I don’t need to apply brakes to hear it. I can sometimes hear it faintly when driving normally.

I took it to my mechanic. He first inspected my brake job, disassembled the rotors and pads, applied brake grease, and reassembled everything. The problem continued. He lifted the car, and had me get in, put it in gear, accelerate, then applied brake, no noise. There is no sign of anything rubbing or grinding in the wheel assembly.

After inspecting the tie rods ends, he replaced the inner and outer on both sides. No Luck. He then replace the ceramic brake pads with regular pads which has reduced the noise but it is still there. I asked around and two other mechanics have suggested the wheel bearings, my mechanic believes this is unlikely.

So I decided to throw this question to the Car Talk Community for your valued opinions. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



My First Thought Is A Dragging/Sticking Caliper That Is Not Fully Releasing. This Isn’t All That Unusual When Replacing Brake Pads.