2012 Ford Escape Front driver wheel locked in all gears but reverse

2012 Ford Escape 3.0L 2WD

The car just got back from shop have brake pads and lines replaced daughter called me last night because it had locked up on here in drive

When got there I could only get car to move in reverse and the driver front wheel was making a loud grinding sound
The car will not move in drive or neutral I trying pushing the car and driver will is locked
When in drive the passenger wheel will just spin drive wheel is locked
I though it could be low transmission fluid or speed sensor are bad but the more I think about it the problem isn’t transmission.
I would appreciate any help
Thank you

Get it back to the shop that did the brakes, they may have missed something causing the one side to lock and grind

As for one wheel spinning, differentials do that. The wheel with the least resistance will spin


Sounds like a brake caliper bolt came out and the caliper is rubbing on the wheel.