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Transmission Problem!

My car started making this grinding noise when I was turning. Then I went to hit the gas and it didn’t go, it just made that grinding noise again. So I pulled over and put it in park but it was still rolling. So I towed it home and it seemed fine after that for a little while then i went to turn again and it started all over again. Now it wont go into any gear.

Your right. Transmission problem. You need to find a good transmission shop. Try the mechanics listing on this website.

If this car is a front wheel drive vehicle, check the CV joints and that an axle has not backed out of the transaxle.

If this car is a rear wheel drive, the problem could be in the drive shaft or differential.

Give us a chance to help you. Specify the year, make, model, engine size, FWD or RWD, number of transmission speeds, transmission model (if known), and any pertainent problems before this occurred.

I agree with Researcher that the CV joints are likely to be the problem–if the car is FWD.

I also agree that EVERY post that requests assistance should state the make, model, model year, engine size, type of transmission, conformance with the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, and odometer mileage. Otherwise, the OP is requesting “shot in the dark” guesses, rather than solutions.