Signal light problems

Hi on my 2004 Chevy 2500 hd the left turn signal works but the right side doesn’t work sometimes or I can only get a few blinks out of it. It isn’t a fast blink like a bulb is burnt out. If I turn the flashers on. The left side works but right side doesn’t.

To add on to it the switch stays up until I turn and it goes back after the turn is made like it should even if the indicator light and/or front and rear lights are not working. So is it in the switch? Faulty wire in column?

First thing to do is to go with the cheapest fix. Changing the bulb…
If that doesnt work, change the switch

If your truck has a heavy duty flasher, it won’t give you the fast blink.

I would guess you have a bad bulb or a bad ground in that corner of the truck.

More than likely the problem is with the multi-function switch.

Both the turn signals and the emergency flasher circuits pass thru this switch.

Common problem.


I’m guessing the multi-f switch too. If you can post a schematic of the turn signal circuit maybe somebody here can offer up an idea how to prove or disprove that theory. The problem is that on many vehicles replacing that switch involves not only the cost of the replacement part, but the labor fee for removing and re-installing the steering wheel. I’ve got that problem on my Corolla, been doing a lot of jiggling on the switch while waiting for another reason to pop up to remove the steering wheel … lol …