Left Turn Signal & Cruise Control

My left turn signal is blinking irregularly (i.e. going extremely fast, practically double-time). What is wrong with it? How much will it cost to fix it?

My cruise control just stopped working 4 days ago. If I hit the cruise control button the light on my steering wheel turns on, but not on my dash. Furthermore, when I push “set” the speed will not set. What is wrong with my cruise control? Where do I take my car to get it fixed, and how much will it cost?

A rapidly flashing turn signal on one side is usually an indication that there is a blown bulb in the circuit. Check your bulbs. One of them is probably out.

For your cruise control, a number of things can cause this. The cable could be disconnected or broken or the cruise unit itself could be bad. Some of them are vacuum operated and a vacuum leak or collapsed line could cause this. I don’t think any Malibus had vacuum powered cruise control. What is the year and engine for your car?

I will get the bulbs checked.

My Malibu is a 2005. It is odd because it happened after the turn signal started blinking irregularly. Are these connected?

I think the engine is a 2.2L L4.

A burned out brake light will disable the cruise control on a Chevrolet (at least on my 93 Caprice).

Check the turn signal/brake light bulbs. Hopefully it just needs a bulb. If you can replace the bulb yourself, it’s just a couple of dollars. The Owner’s Manual should have the instruction to change a bulb.

If the multifunction switch (turn signal, cruise, wipers, etc) is bad that’s another whole can of worms.

Ed B.

It’s remotely possible (very remotely). Please check and see if any to all of the bulbs for the left turn signal are working. You can use the hazard light flasher to see if the bulbs on the left match the ones on the right.

If it were the multifunction switch then my wipers would not be working, correct? My wipers are working.

My turn signal does flash, it is just very rapid.

When you say hazard flashers, do you mean four-ways? If so, they are working just fine. What will this mean then?

Bad multifunction switch most likely.

Any part of the multifunction switch can fail. It would be rare for every part of it to fail at once.