2007 Malibu cruise control

Hi, I just recently started having trouble with the cruise control on my 2007 Chevy Malibu.

Last weekend, I went on an 800 mile trip (cruising most of the time) but stopped to have the tires rotated and balanced, and my oil changed halfway through (I was up for an oil change anyway). Got home late Monday, everything was fine. Then Thursday, my cruise control stopped working. The light on the steering wheel comes on to show that it is engaged, but I cannot set the speed.

The owners manual suggested it might be caused by low brake fluid. Checked that, saw it was a little low, maybe a centimeter, and filled it, but the cruise control still doesn’t work. Thought maybe it was a fuse, but there wasn’t a bad one.

I’ve seen some talk about it possibly linked to break or a transmission issue. For a few weeks, my Malibu has been making a lawnmower-ish sound when I drive 40 mph or faster. The problem persists whether its in manual or automatic. I didn’t notice anything until I got my car back after loaning it to my parents for a weekend.

I bought the car used July 2010 from its first owner with about 37,000 miles. It’s about 72,000 now.

Any ideas on what could be happening, how to fix it and how much it could cost?

The first thing to check is if any of the brake lights aren’t working. If there’s a brake light out the cruise control won’t work. If the brake lights are fine, then take the car for a drive and place the toe of your left shoe under the brake pedal and pull up on the brake pedal. Now try engaging the cruise control. If the cruise control works there’s a problem with the brake pedal switch.


I have had the same issue and I everything tests ok and had it checked and it checked ok and the codes were fine but still won’t work on my 2007 Malibu. Could the switch still be an issue even though it and the brakes are fine. There is no emblem that comes up or anything on the dash or on the radio either.