Drive problem

I have a 1994 Mercury Topaz sedan with the 4-cylinder engine and the Stone Age 3-speed automatic. The transmission is beginning to slip fairly regularly. When I make a left turn however, the car acts kind of like it’s actually slipping into neutral, with no forward drive whatsoever, until it catches again rather violently as you complete the turn. This only occurs on left turns though, not on right turns. On right turns the car acts normally… well normal for this car anyway. This is a front wheel drive car. What could be causing this problem and how expensive might it be to fix(i.e. would it even be worth it)?

Might be ( might be ) the c/v joints. Needs checked up on a hoist.

Is the fluid level up to where it should be? YOu can see behavior like this if the fluid is low and what is left sloshes away from the pump intake.

Not CV joints. Does sound like the fluid is pretty low though. Have you checked it, by any chance?

I’ve added transmission fluid and it does seem to be doing better. Thanks for the help guys.