2004 Acura TL, Replace Knee Assembly or Just a Wheel Bearing

The back story my problem is that back in March the car struck a curb with the right front tire. I took the car to a shop where the lower control arm, tire, and wheel were all replaced. I cannot remember if the wheel bearing was replaced at the time or not, but I believe it was. I have determined that the wheel bearing is now shot. So the question is do I replace just the wheel bearing or pick up a knee assembly from a salvage yard and replace the knuckle as well.

Thanks for the thoughts,

I am not sure I understand the knee assembly you are talking about. Are you talking about the axle/CV joint? If you suspect the wheel bearing, replace it first and see how that goes.

I think he means steering knuckle. When the wheel bearing is replaced, the races are also replaced so replacing the knuckle will have no affect. Now if you suspect that the knuckle was bent, then replace it. Sometimes if you order a wheel bearing and knuckle assembly, it is only a few bucks more than just a bearing.

Or he meant wheel hub, that’s the center part with the wheel studs on it. I wouldn’t go used on this and this is the part that is often sold with the bearing, not the knuckle as I stated above. However, I cannot find this at autopartswarehouse.com or rockauto.com.