LED Tail Light Installation

I recieved an answer on this but I forgot to save it.

Ok I installed a set of LED Tail lights and my directionals blink very fast and so does the 4 way flasher and got an answer about changing the flasher for this

ok but I can’t seem to locate one for my Ford F-150 and would like to know from someone does Ford have such a flasher for

any of thier products they have? I’m sure Lincoln has such a flasher and I am sure it would be compatable with my Ford but would like to find out from the general public if any one else has run into this problem and how to solve it. I have contacted the place where I bought these and they told me to seek out this info from a professional who has worked or installed such LED’S in vehicals and to see from such a person thier advise!

Thanks and you can get me at my place of work at wayne@ftwha.org

This Web site will give you several choices for LED flashers: http://www.ledlight.com/electronic-led-flasher-ep29.aspx
To find the one for your Ford, match the pins on your old flasher to those shown. The EP27 may be the one for you.

Thank You! Thank you! your return message will definately help me out I really can’t say how much this means to me as to have the general public help me out on this dilema!