Leaky windshield washer pump

20+ year old Corolla. There’s a leak that appears to be at the point where the windshield washer pump attaches to the plastic bottle. I’ve had a leak in that area before, where the hose attaches to the pump, but that was just a crack in the hose. This one appears to be where the pump attaches to the plastic bottle. The pump is on the outside of the bottle, not inside. Any experience out there on this problem? Is the pump held there by friction, like with an o-ring?

The only one that I recall working on had the pump attached by sliding a couple of metal brackets on the pump onto a couple of plastic “ears” on the bottom of the container. However, this was on my '71 Charger, so the attachment for a Toyota could be totally different.


Since you’re unwilling to ever provide the year of your vehicles, and always refer to them as a late or early so-and-so, or for example a 20+ year old vehicle, how do expect people to help you?

Is that what you tell the counter person at the parts store?

“I have a 20+ year old Toyota, and I need this part.”?


Ask Toyota.
The parts department could see if there’s a grommet holding the pump in.

@Tester … it’s a 92 Corolla

Ken Green … From what I can see there definitely appears to be some kind of grommet or rubber/plastic seal gadget where it attaches to the water bottle. On some of these the pump has a hose to the inlet and a hose to the outlet, but on this one there’s only a hose on the outlet. The inlet seems to come through that sealed point. Now unsealed.

George, you have advice for almost every post on here and you need help with a washer pump?

Rock Auto is your friend.



I’m no good at fixing leaks. You should see my roof … lol …

Yes, that’s it @Tester . One option is to buy the whole thing I guess. I’d prefer just to fix the leak if possible though.

You can buy the grommet/packing for the pump but after close examination you might find a crack in the reservoir near the pump.


Thans @Nevada_545 … good info. I’ll remove it from the engine compartment and take a closer look this weekend.

I think George calls it an early 90’s corolla because it took five years to assemble.

Not worth it!

Just replace the pump/reservoir and be done with it.

leaks never go away.


Well, at one time it was a 92. Now, with the various parts and stuff I’ve used to fix it over the years, not sure what year they’d call it. I do like that 4-tone concept though!

You will most likely have to replace the pump and tank. The plastic becomes brittle over time and tends to crack when you are trying to take things apart. You also might want to replace the rubber hose from the pump at the same time.

I got to thinking, a car with parts from various years would make for good lyrics for one of those hard luck songs they tend play on Car Talk during the breaks.

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Solution found. The plastic bottle is still ok, no leaks from it. The pump had dislodged from its moorings, so I cleaned everything thoroughly, put a dab of rtv at the base to form a tight seal, and reseated the pump. No more drips. Except the nut behind the wheel! … lol …

Thanks to all for most excellent advice.