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Windshield washer leaks

What are the mechanics missing when they cannot find the cause of the washer to be leaking even if I have not used it at all? I have 3 different shops tell me the same thing…‘don’t know why it leaks; we’ve torn it apart and everything looks good in the washer system’. I have a 1995 GMC SIERRA. I need this fixed before winter comes. I don’t want to bring it to the dealer unless I really have to. PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks…

Hi Marliene, you didn’t state whether this is the original windshield or is it a replacement. Replacements frequently leak if not seated properly. This 1995 model could likely have rust along the sealing channel. Has the vehicle body been racked, possibly resulting from a fender-bender? Again, improper sealing can take place.

A good glass shop will likely remove the windshield (not guaranteeing it won’t break during removal), do a thorough cleaning of the sealing surface, and replace it. Good luck.

Thank you for replying. Yes, I have had the windshield replaced but I don’t understand why it would cause the washer fluid to leak when wipers are not in use or have not been used since filling up the receptacle with fluid. When I fill up the fluid before I drive in the morning, as soon as I get to work and park, fluid would just start leaking and pool up on the driver’s side tire. The fluid would be empty when I leave work in the afternoon. Is there a valve that is not functioning that can’t be seen? I know nothing about cars but would like the mechanic to check it out next time I take it to the shop.

Don’t sell yourself short! It seems to me that you do know something about cars. You are using logical reasoning. The loss of windshield washer fluid has nothing to do with the windshield itself. There should be a hose attached to the reservoir. I would remove the hose from the reservoir and plug up the place where the hose attached. If you still lose the fluid, the leak is in the reservoir. If you don’t lose fluid, the leak is in the hose that you detached. I would guess that the reservoir has sprung a leak.
You can probably find this leak on your own. Once you have found the leak, invest in a set of tools and open up your own shop. Your reasoning is right on target.

You are so kind with your words… Thanks for your input. When I took the truck last week, I told them to replace the washer fluid system. They didn’t because I didn’t need it. Obviously something is wrong somewhere. I will try your suggestion and let you know.

I have a 1994 K1500 Blazer, and I had this exact same problem with losing washer fluid. It turns out that one of the washer pumps (I have two, one for the windshield and one for the rear window) had a crack in its casing, and the fluid was coming out of here.

Replaced the pump ($15 part), and no leaks since.

1995 Jimmy same problem here, I have 2 pumps (one for the rear door) both pumps were leaking. I thought the tank was leaking, so I pull the whole thing. I filled it with water and found the water was leaking out of the side of the pump at the bottom. So there’s a seal inside leaking or it’s cracked. Made in china.

Did you even read the original post?

You are responding to a post from over 9 years ago.
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Question: [quote=“MARILENE, post:1, topic:3603”]
What are the mechanics missing when they cannot find the cause of the washer to be leaking

Motivation. Unfortunately, you may not find that at the dealer either.

I wish I could say “change this”, but it’ll take someone willing to visually trace the system from the reservoir to the squirters. Have you a friend wiling to do this?

A possibility is to add food coloring to the reservoir and look for the traces where it’s leaking. I’ve never tried this, but it should work and be harmless.

Old thread alert!!!

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Nice catch Volvo.
Hopefully it isn’t still leaking… nine years later! :grin:

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