Hi I have a 1999 Mercury Cougar after it rains, I am get water on the left sided rug a lot and my tuck is wet to, does someone in here know how I can fix the leak and where its coming it at Thanks

Do you have a sunroof? The drain could be plugged.

+1 to texases’ comment.
Can the OP let us know whether or not this car has a sunroof/moonroof?
It is doesn’t have one, then we can go through the other possibilities for the origin of that leak.

The windshield seal… Why? Old car. (if it doesn’t have a sunroof!)

Leaks can be very hard to find because the water will ind its way into the smallest spaces. Having an auto glass shop remove and re-seal the windshield may fix it.

If that doesn’t get it… There are also seams inside the wheel well that may be leaking. Remove the wheel and the plastic inner fender liner and reseal any seams you see with silicone caulk.

If neither of these work… drill a drain hole.

Keep in mind that wet padding under carpet will often result in mold, which you don’t want to be breathing in. Once this is solved, put up the carpet and replace the padding if necessary.

Yes my 1999 cougar has a sunroof that i do not use and the headliner in dry .

I was told to try and seal the cardin air filter area near the wind shield and to make sure the ac drain is clear.

The headliner may be dry, but a plugged sunroof drain can result in exactly what you have. I’d open the sunroof, clean out everything I can see, and have the drain(s) blown out with compressed air. I don’t thing the cabin air filter would be a problem, but I agree with making sure the a/c drain is clear. Maybe they meant the air intake area at the base of the windshield - yes, make sure that area is clear of leaves and needles.

Texases hit it right off the bat… Factory roofs usually have 4 drains…two going forward and two going rearward. The rear drains usually end somewhere on the inside rear fender areas…find those ends and make sure they are clean and clear…

Not sure where the front drains poke out of…I’ve seen a few poke out inside the front fenders BEHIND the plastic inner front fender plastic…those are a PIA to get to. Sometimes the tubes end under the car near the front jack points… Do a search to find your drain hoses and where they route
My VW front drains are in the hinge area of the front doors…each time I think of it…I give the special rubber ends a squeeze…many times a blast of debris and water shoots out…if they clog…you get wet.

All you need to do is locate where your sunroof drains are routed…this should be rather common info on the net…then physically ensure the tubes are able to flow water out the ends…thats bout it.


The drain holes connect to tubes that run down the roof pillars to a discharge hole beneath the car. Apparently the top end of the tube is still connected and draining water properly. The lower end may have come loose or is broken. You need to find a diagram that shows the tube routing and where it penetrates the body on the low end. I would then get a look at the low end of the tube on the left side to see if it is disconnected. The repair might require replacing the tube completely. If you replace one, you should replace them all. You don’t have to replace them all at the same time. You only need to replace the damaged one immediately if you can’t just reconnect the one where the leak is.