2004 Toyota 4-Runner leaks

Hey Guys,
My 2004 Toyota 4-Runner leaks in the driver floorboard every time it rains. I am at a loss as to why. Can anyone please help?


A sunroof is usually a prime suspect, Have one?

Look around the window. Maybe a seal that’s gone bad.
Could also be the cold air intake. That’s a common way water gets in.

Sometimes you have to hose the car down with water to find it.

The common way we find sailboat leaks is to put it on a trailer and fill it with water and see where it drains out…forget that idea. Garage it, dry it out and do what Remco suggests…one area at a time. Be sure and start from the bottom up.

I had someone install a snowplow setup on my 2000 Runner. When he ran the wiring into the driverside through the large rubber grommet located between the master brake booster and the fender he failed to reinsert the grommet all the way causing a wet floor every time it rained. Although you may not have a snowplow set-up, check the grommet for cracks or it may have come loose.

The windshield has a rubber gasket that seals it into the body. On one of my cars, I found that when it became unseated, there was a leak. When I pressed it back in, the leak stopped.

My '01 4-runner has the same issue, but on the front passenger side. I haven’t been able to find the cause. The floor is a sopping wet mess each time it rains!

I second the question.
Most sunroofs drain into a moat that then drains through passages in the A pillars. These passages can become clogged and divert the water in to the passenger cabin. If you DO have a sunroof, you could start by cleaning the passages with long pipecleaners, or even perhaps the plastic drain cleaner tools that are available now.

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Thank you for replying, and I will look for the drain cleaner tool-gizmos at the auto parts store asap. (thanks for posting the “looks like…”!)
Then I’ll find those A pillars passages, and with any luck my car pond will be resolved.
Again, thank you for answering.
Have a happy day.

I’m surprised both of these old 4Runners have factory sunroofs.

Don’t tell Toyota, they think it’s a moonroof :wink: