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Leaky Side Windows on 2003 Tacoma

I’m having a problem with the both door windows leaking into the interior of the door.

I discovered this the hard way, of course, with a 1/2" of water on the driver’s side floor after our first heavy rain. The weather striping around the window was old and shot (the rear bottom corner was completely open with a slot a inch and half log that was about a 1/4" wide). I dried out the carpet (which, luckily, hasn’t started to mildew) and replaced all of the weather striping around the window (the “Glass Run” which is the window track lining and top, left, and right sides of window weather striping and the “Outer Weatherstrip” which is the bottom weather striping). This closed up all the gaps, but did nothing to stop the water. (Yes, I stalled it following Toyota’s instructions and my installation matches the factory installation on the passenger’s side.)

The water seems to just flow right past the weatherstriping in the bottom corners (and there doesn’t seem to be any provision to stop this). On the passenger’s side, the water seems to flow along the inside surface of the outer door panel and out the drain holes in the sheet metal of the door (is this normal?). On the driver’s side, however, the water runs along the inside surface of the inner door panel, out the slot you use pop the door panel clips loose, and out onto the carpet. The plastic liner inside the door seems to be arranged to do this as well.

How do I stop this? Caulking in the corners? Yes, my Tacoma is seven years old. But it’s in perfect condition (and I otherwise love it) and I can’t afford to replace it. That, and the big blue tarp isn’t very classy.


Sealed it as best as I could using black silicone caulking in the bottom corners. It’s not possible to completely seal the crack as it is required to allow the bottom seal to flex to meet the window as it slides. I also resealed the plastic liner with a generous helping of caulking. It still leaks, but at least the leaking water is now directed out the holes in the bottom of the door, rather than out onto my carpet.

Is this the way doors are suppose to work? Or do I have more sealing to do?