Wet Interior Windows on '04 Acura


I recently purchased a used 2004 Acura MDX. Since I got it, I have noticed that after it rains outside and I roll down the front windows, when I roll them back up there is water on the interior of the windows. When I asked the dealer to take a look at it, he told me that is a common problem in the MDX, and there’s nothing to be done about it unless there was water pouring into the car. I find that really hard to believe. What’s worse, when the water dries and I open the windows again, there’s a musty, stale smell that eminates from those two windows, not to mention the streaks that show up on the windows. Any suggestions??


It sounds to me like the interior window rubber strip attached to the window sill is warped/deteriorated enough to let water in.

This item is not likely covered under your warranty so you’ll probably have to pay for a replacement.
UNLESS, the dealer has an attack of goodwill.

The smell is like due to a fungus or mold/mildew growing inside the door.

If you’re a little handy and have a screwdriver or other thin flat metal prybar, you could pull the inner door panel off and fix it yourself.

I said that as I think the window MAY have to be removed from the track to access the weather strip.


Check the drain holes in the bottom of the door(s). It’s not unusual for water to get inside the door, but it’s not supposed to STAY there. If the drain holes are clogged the water can’t escape.


I have the same problem with my 03 mdx. Son took apart door and wiped down rubber molding. Smell has come back. The ruber molding is made from a soft foamy rubber rather than a hard rubber and it’s too porous. Acura dealer claims they can’t smell it!!! I’m trading it in for them to deal with.