Car fluids/leak

07 Pontiac grand prix 3.8 L
Just want some advice please or comments. Got my engine replaced around April/may this year. I did notice after I got my car back my car was acting weird like I had to refill my power steering fluid. Some months go by and I realize my car starts to jerk at times, not often. I go get my oil change today and the guy tells me my transmission fluid is low/poss leak. Is there a way maybe the shop didn’t top my fluids off? No I haven’t noticed any trans fluid on the ground. Also they said my serpentine belt needs to be looked at but I also replaced that with the engine. Thank you

Engine replaced with a used engine? After how many miles?

There is no way for us to say what the shop did or did not do when the engine was replaced. Anything is possible. Considering how old the car is and that you replaced one of the most durable engines GM ever designed…the power steering may have a leak, the transmission may be going bad.

Who replaced motor?
Can you talk to them about concerns?
Do you have a shop you use now for other repairs?
Oil, coolant, battery and so on?

The engine initially had over 185k, the used one has or had 65k at installation. The transmission was also replaced 2 years ago when we bought it off dealership. If that helps

I currently do not go to the shop I got the engine put in because I had to keep going back for little things all the time after their work. I do have another shop now

Go back to the shop that did the work and tell them what problems you have . Very few oil change places have real mechanics and it seems they always find a bad belt of some kind.


Shop doing engine replacement job wouldn’t generally be responsible for transmission or PS fluid, unless you asked specifically that be included w/ the job. However usually when replacing an engine, the transmission input seal will be replaced, part inexpensive, & very easy to do with engine removed. Ask your shop if that was done. If it wasn’t, don’t presume that’s the cause of the transmission fluid loss. Many other places a transmission can leak.

Could be caused by an engine pulley alignment problem I suppose. Was S-belt tensioner also replaced w/ the engine job?

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Thank you, but no I don’t believe the tensioner was replaced. I will have to ask about the other thing they didn’t let me know details about anything, I just thought it was odd ever since I got the car back from the shop fluids have been low and I’m not familiar with all the little things with an engine replacement

The usual recommendation here – while not all concur, depends in part on the difficulty – is to replace the tensioner along w/the S-belt.