Low coolant light on and antifreeze draining from radiator

what might be the problem, and where is the coolant going?

Through a leak. If it is not leaking onto the ground or on the rug in the car, chances are it is leaking into the engine. Check the oil, and make sure it doesn’t look like coffee with creamer in it. If the oil is OK, it may be leaking into the engine through the intake manifold and being burned.

A pressure test may be able to locate the leak, and appropriate repair can be made, or other options explored.

Thanks for the suggestions. I guess any of the problems would be expensive? My son had a similar problem 2 yrs. ago and it was about $600.00 to fix. 1999 Grand AM

I also had that problem. 1999 Grand Am. It usually has to do with the coolant itself and the problems it has caused. Dexcool. I had to have the system flushed and after that they put in regular coolant. It appears as though the Dexcool caused some of the gaskets to soften, (should I just say partially dissolve), and also did damage (pitting) to the lower intake manifold. That required replacing the manifold, gaskets and coolant. More than the price you listed, by a long shot. Check out the government site for recalls. There was a class action against GM for this issue. There are some stipulations but if I had been the original owner, they would have covered up to $500 toward the repair cost. (receipts required)