Late shifting Transmission


I have a 1992 Jeep Cherokee Larado with 207,000 mi. The automatic transmission is very late to shift. It does not “slip”. If I let up on the accelerator it will shift properly, but if left to shift on its own, it really revs upbefore slamming into gear.

I am worried that AAMCO will merely say I need a new transmission. Can I offer them some other solution?

Thanks, Tom


I had this problem with a car many years ago, and it turned out to be the modulator on the transmission. Since your vehicle is fairly old, it is very likely that it utilizes a modulator and if it turns out to be the modulator, this is a pretty simple repair (well, at least it was on a '66 Ford!).

I am disturbed, however, that you seem to think that AAMCO is the only transmission shop in existence. You need to ask friends, relatives and co-workers for a recommended independent transmission shop that has been in business for more than 3 years. You will be much more likely to get an honest diagnosis and a lower repair bill at an independent shop than you would at AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, or any other chain transmission shop.

The old joke is that AAMCO stands for “All automatic transmissions must come out”, and that is not really much of an exaggeration.




consider adding a can of ATP synthetic transmission friction modifier additive. This is a great product. Have you changed the trans fluid in the last 30,000 miles. if not first change the fluid and add the atp.