1988 Jeep Cherokee limited

My jeep just got it back and the transmission ain’t slipping in drive but it’s not shifting. I can drive it in drive but does not shift? also i had the pistion rings all done and head got it back like that and i am mad because wen i took it to him to have it fixed the transmission was working fine. Then i took it back to him and he said he did not touch the transmission. I NEED HELP PLEASE SOMEONE. THANK YOU MICHEAL

Check to make sure your transmission has the right level fluid in it. If they damaged any of the cooler lines, there may be a leak. Is there any fluid on the ground?

The guy prob did not hook your modulator valve back up! There is a vacuum line coming off the back or side of your transmission and runs to a port on your intake check it and make sure it is hooked up this should solve your problem

Chaissos there is no fluid around the ground, also Jsims it’s hooked up i thank i’ll go look thank yall. If it is hooked up then what? just asking?

I was just theorizing…I’m not a transmission guy - I can only really change my tranny fluid/filter when it’s required. Clearly, they did something - they just didn’t realize they did, and almost certainly it was unintentional.

Even if the vacuum modulator line is hooked up to the tranny, that does not mean it’s properly connected at the other end of the line.

Look, the shop that did the engine work obviouly did something wrong when they hooked the engine parts back up. The work they did requires removal of the carburator (or throttle body of this is throttle body injected), the intake manifold, everything else connected to the head(s) and the engine’s “bottom end” (you cannot remove pistons to replace rings without opening the bottom end to disconnect the connecting rods). That includes vacuum lines and wiring among other systems. There’s lots of opportunities for error here. You need to either demand that they go back over their work or take the Jeep to a tranny shop.

the same mountainbike, I did do that. But, they won’t talk to me or pick up for me. It’s BS.