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Helppp! Me

Hello ! I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee been one problem after another ! I’m having a problem again ! When I go to back up or go or shift it doesn’t want to it stays there and the idle needle goes to 3-4 it doesn’t go then it jerks hard !! Then goes it started suddenly please someone help

Sorry , but your post is just to hard to read . As far as I can tell you have a transmission problem on this used vehicle you bought back in June.

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Seems like there’s a fault with the transmission. You might want to see if there are any trouble codes stored on it. If this vehicle has higher mileage (150k or there abouts) and you don’t have any service records for it, there’s a fair chance that the transmission fluid hasn’t been changed regularly, and now the transmission is on the way out. It’s possible that a rebuild is in your future.

If it’s an automatic transmission, have you checked to see if the fluid is at the proper level?

It sounds like you might need a transmission rebuild, but I’d start by making sure it has the right amount of transmission fluid first.

Best I can interpret, it sounds like the tranny is slipping badly when it shifts.
My recommendation would be to follow Whitey’s advice and check the tranny fluid as instructed in the owner’s manual (protocols vary).
If that doesn’t help, you’ll need a good independently owned and operated transmission shop to diagnose it. I recommend avoiding a chain store like AAMCO. AAMCO is generally believed to be an acronym for All Automatics Must Come Out. Lots of horror stories from these stores.

Low transmission fluid will definitely cause this symptom. Automatics are very sensitive to the fill level. Too little causes problems, too much, other problems, none of them good. On my 45 year old truck’s automatic I just drive it until its at normal operating temperature, then parked on a level surface with the engine running and in neutral I can check the trans fluid level on the dipstick, easy peasy. But it has to be done like that, impossible to check the fluid level any other way. Can’t check it when the transmission is cold for example. Or with the engine off. On newer vehicles it can be difficult for the owner to check the transmission fluid level. Often the manufacturer’s scan tool is required. Check what your owner’s manual says, and if it tell you that you need a shop to check the fluid level, schedule an appointment.

If the transmission has never had a proper service, dropping the pan, changing the filter, etc, now’s a good time to do that too.

I was just told to check ge fluid level I’m a girl and I know nothing about
cars lol for instance what would all that run to get your transmission

A girl is certainly capable of checking transmission fluid. Take a rag with you, drive the car about 8 miles , stop and shift it through all the gears, leave the engine running in park pull the transmission dipstick and pull it back out. The reading should be at or just below the full ( it may say full hot ) reading. if you have to add fluid you will have to buy fluid and a small long funnel. Use only the right fluid, I think it is ATF+4 but make sure from your owners manual or a Jeep dealer parts department. If you don’t know where under the hood the transmission dipstick is, use the same source.

If the fluid is not low or if it is brown or black, a fluid and filter service will do nothing for you. Something more serious is wrong and you need a good independent transmission shop. DO NOT GO TO ANY NATIONAL CHAIN.

I’m not sure what your gender has to do with this, but now would be a good time to learn something useful about your car. I recommend you:

-Ask a knowledgeable friend to show you how to check your transmission fluid.


-Google “how to check transmission fluid” using your year, make, and model. You might even find a video that shows you how.

Or read your owner’s manual.
Manufacturers vary somewhat in their approach to checking tranny fluid. You manual should tell you exactly how to do it.

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You can also go to pretty much any place that services cars and ask to have your transmission fluid checked. It doesn’t require a specialist. You can also ask around among your friends and acquaintances if someone can help you check your transmission fluid.

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I checked the level I had a circle then says cold then 2 circles then says
hot then a circle it’s below the first circle

I urge you not to go to any chain shop, especially a Jiffy Lube or an AAMCO. Your chances of regretting that decision are too high. The Jiffy Lube will screw things up or top the tranny off with the wrong fluid, the AAMCO will tell you your tranny is about to die and you need to replace it.

You should download the Official Owners Manual for your 2004 Cherokee from the Jeep website, for FREE, at

If you look at pages 277 and the following few they set out what to do, how to do it, and what it means.

I strongly encourage you to get the manual and follow the instructions.


It should be between the top two circles when idling hot.

Was the fluid on the dipstick red and clear?

It was kinda brown but kinda purple what type of transmission fluid do I
need to use

From what I can tell, Mopar ATF+4 is the correct Automatic Transmission Fluid for a 04 GC configured as 2WD V8-4.7L VIN J.

Suggest to ask Jeep to provide you copies of tsb’s 21-014-07, 21-010-06, 21-015-05. You might be able to find them by googling.

re FLUID COLOR … the red dye used in ATF+4® is not permanent; as the fluid ages it may become darker or appear brown in color. ATF+4® also has a unique odor that may change with age.

Always verify the proper fluid to use for your own vehicle at a Jeep dealership. Internet advice isn’t sufficient.

My dad put some transmission fluid in it it was almost completely gone
problem solved thanks fellas!

Unfortunately that doesn’t solve the problem of how it got low to begin with. You might have a leak that needs to be fixed.

If you’re planning on keeping this vehicle more than, say, a month, you need to have the transmission pan dropped, a new filter installed, and new fluid added.

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