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2017 Jeep Cherokee transmission trouble

2nd time shifting problem has occurred. After starting from cold and driving a short distance, notice that the transmission will not upshift and turning high rpm - check engine light came on. Shifting into manual, I could not upshift from 3rd gear. Came to full stop, turned ignition off, restarted and shifting seemed normal even with check engin light still on. Currently at the jeep dealer 13,000 miles

That is the answer. It is under warranty and the “experts” are working on it.

Are you looking for a “magic fix” from one of us? Just curious.

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The OP’s Powertrain Warranty will cover any transmission repairs that are necessary, and the OP should not have anyone other than a dealership perform any repairs during the duration of his warranties.

If the first dealership is unable or unwilling to come to his assistance, he can take his vehicle to any Jeep dealership. Additionally, he might want to file a complaint with the folks at the corporate level regarding an uncooperative dealership.


Transmission fluid level check first of course. Assuming that’s ok, sort of sounds to me like a transmission or engine sensor or actuator has malfunctioned. If OP is feeling lucky, could also be that the transmission control software just needs to be updated. I see there’s some recalls on the transmission control software for this vehicle. You mght be able to glean some info by googling customer satisfaction notification T52

Even that has to go to the dealer these days as most newer transmissions dont have a dipstick anymore.

The fact that shutting it off and rebooting cured it, suggests an electronic problem. Hate to say it but yeah, Fiat? A new box or whatever if they don’t have to wait for parts and should be good to go for another 13,000. Dang and just as I was wondering if a Jeep should be in my future, after kinda writing off Ford and GM now.