Largest passenger footwell for Minivan or Wagon?

Help! My wife is disabled and needs a vehicle that is low entry and has a large passenger side footwell. Currently we have a Totota Avalon that fits the bill, but we need to move to a larger vehicle to carry around a scooter for her (and we need inside vehicle storage as we live in nasty winter weather country). Most minivans have tiny footwells, but can someone recommend something here? Thanks ever so much!!!

Does the foot well need to be wide, deep, or both? Do you want a new or used car, and how much do you want to spend? A full size car like a Ford Crown Victoria or Mercury Marquis (twin cars) don’t have center consoles to reduce foot well width. But you would have to carry the scooter on a lift attached to the back of the car.

Try a Honda Odessey. It has a removable center console and a dash mounted shifter.