Cars with decent backseat legroom

We have tall people in our family. Looking to get out of our Armada. Wife wants to stay under 20 k. What used cars do you know of that have good backseat legroom? I wanted a truck to haul stuff but they are outrageous. I sat in a couple of accords, and my wife is looking at a Hyundai Tucson.

Seriously , why would you even consider looking at replacing a vehicle at this time . Have you not seen the dealers ads about delivering no touch vehicles that have been disinfected for this deadly virus ?
If you must then only having one of the tall people set in the back of anything you look at will answer that question of comfort.

Go with a minivan. Best vehicle for a family.

If you can get past the “soccer mom” stigma…you’ll find a minivan is the most versatile, comfortable vehicle out there.


Minivans are great. Used to have 2. I’m not as worried about the virus as some. Dealers should be a bit on the desperate side right now to sell. Just asking for opinions of makes on models.

Hard to tell, depends on leg vs. torso, etc. Do you have a Carmax near you? You could try out several and see. CUVs might be good to check out, like the Edge. Just avoid sunroofs.

Depends on how tall, I’m 6ft with long legs and a Honda CR-V is roomy enough but keep in mind we’re used to small cars. I’ve spent a week in the back of a Nissan Micra in Ireland and compared to the Corolla on a previous leg my knees were nowhere near the front seats.

Some midsize SUVs have adjustable rear rows. I know the Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain do, and they’ve had that feature for a while. Ford advertises the Escape with adjustable rear seats, but I’m not sure when they started it.

My 2012 Camty seems to have more legroom than the Accord and I don’t think that has changed. The Hyundai is also roomy. I believe the Toyota Avalon is roomy with a taller back seat.

Look at Alex on Autos Youtube reviews, he’s very thorough. Here my suggestions:

Ford Explorer 2016 and up
Dodge Durango 2015 and up
Toyota Highlander 2015 and up
Acura MDX 2015 and up

My 2014 Suby Outback has fantastic legroom in back seat. Front legroom is at or near the best in it’s class. This was the primary reason why I purchased, I’m 6-6.