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What's a good used car for my disabled wife to buy?

My wife is a large woman with heart arrhythmia and a bad hip. The Mercury Gran Marquis she drives has become more difficult for her to get into.
Does anybody have any suggestions for a recent used car with large doors (probably 2-door model), low entry height with no in-frame obstructions, movable seat?
Should be powerful enough to tow motorized wheelchair in a lift trailer. (Mini-van with drive-in ramp is not practical choice. Domestic car preferred.)
Thanks for your good information.

In this situation, this becomes a highly personalized. I’d start looking at crossover vehicles and small suv’s. She will need one where the seat is at the exact height from the ground for her. A good starting point would be a vehicle whose front seat is the same height from the ground as her knee is.

I have a friend who is a REALLY large man. He’s both tall and heavy. His favorite car for ingress/egress is a VW New Beetle. Apparently the doors open very wide and tall, and he can get in and out easily.

He moved from a Crown Vic (same as a Grand Marquis) to a New Beetle and he’s been very happy.

Worth a look.

I’m also disabled, and we bought a 2008 Chevy Equinox. Has enough room in back for a wheel chair and the rear seats push back far enough that I can get my walker in between the seats. The front seats are at a decent height not too high or low to get into. Ours has the 3.4 V6 so it should have enough power for your needs,