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Need Large Console or Under-Seat Storage

I’m looking for a new car (thinking crossover/small SUV or hatchback/wagon) but it must have room for me to hide my medium-sized purse when I don’t want to carry it with me. I test-drove a Prius V, a RAV-4, a Forester, and a CX-5 today - none of which had a console nearly big enough. I could almost squeeze my purse under the driver’s seat of the CX-5 like I do in the Odyssey I’ve been driving, but it was a bit of a squeeze.

A car with a keyless start would be a plus. And under $27,000 :slight_smile:

Thanks for any suggestions you might have!

The CRV’s, up to 2011, had a folding table in the middle that you could drop and put the purse there. Find a certified pre-owned one.

Does it have to be in the front seat? SUVs often have a compartment under the rear floor where you can stash something like your purse.

I’ll look into the 2011 CRV. That might work.

Front seat would be best - I want to be able to quickly grab it when I need it and toss it in when I don’t without having to open the back door or get out of my seat.

Haven’t driven a 2012 CRV yet, but it looks like they have a larger console that might be big enough. Anyone know the dimension to it?

you MIGHT luck out and find a Cx-7 left over. They have an arm rest compartment that you can fit a laptop in.

I saw a Dodge advertisement on TV whereby the seat cushion flipped up and would hold a large purse or more than that. It might have been a Journey.

It’s the new Dodge Dart that has a compartment in the passenger seat. The middle part of the cushion pulls up. It’s a nice idea, but not a very big compartment. Wouldn’t hold anything but a small purse.