Land Rober Discovery ABS Fault



I own a 2002 Land Rover Discovery series II and am getting intermittent ABS/TCS faults. This initially started when the vehicle was under warranty. My local Land Rover dealer replaced the ABS module and the faults stopped (just what I was hoping would happen). Shortly after the vehicle warranty expired, and after the component warranty expired (does this happen intentionally?) I started getting intermittent faults again (the dash ABS/TCS and Hill Decent lights came on). I called the dealer and the assured me it was safe to drive until the module was replaced but reminded me the ABS system was not working correctly. I was ok with that. The fault can goes days (miles) without occurring or it can occur as soon as I start the car, or when I’m driving around town, on the highway or even when I’m stopped at a traffic light. I’ve tried to determine if it happens with any frequency - driving over bumps, turning, accelerating, etc. and all I’ve done is confirmed it happens when it wants to - regardless of what I’m doing (it even happens for my wife). I have tried power washing the wheel assemblies thinking there might be some dirt blocking a sensor - no luck fixing the problem. I disconnected the battery (after confirming I had my radio code!) to reset the computer - no luck with that either.

Can you recommend additional troubleshooting tips or confirm I need to replace the module again?

Looking for assistance in Lancaster, PA