TC & ABS warning lights

How come the ABS , and TC lights are on in my landrover plus the other one that shows vehicle on a slope?

Because something is amiss with the ABS and TC system(s). What that might be is hard to tell from here, since we can’t see the vehicle. We can’t tell, for instance, what year it is, or what model, or how many miles are on the odometer, etc.

Are there any other symptoms?

Landrover Discovery 2002, 68K miles, recently serviced new brake pads etc. Lights came on suddenly and have not been off since.

No other symptoms

Has a mechanic tried to diagnose the problem? Perhaps a bad wheel speed sensor is causing it. There are other possibilities, but that’s probably the least expensive thing. My guess is someone will have to plug a diagnostic connection into the computer to find out what’s causing the trouble.

You may feel a pain in the wallet when this happens.

Agreed. I don’t actually know this vehicle, but my guess is that the vehicle uses the wheel speed sensors for both the traction control system and the antilock brake system.

What’s this “vehicle on a slope” light?

I’d first start by crawling under and check each wheel sensor to ensure all the wires look intact, and that there are no plugs left off, loose, etc. Then if everything looks good, disconnect your battery for a few minutes (car not running) and that might the codes and lights. I’m not sure if it will on that model, but it’s worth a try. You will probably have to reset your radio presets as well. I’m thinking the mechanic might have shorted something out (like had the key on when changing brakes and removed a sensor wire or something). Some of this simple checking can save you $$$$$. There are unethical shops that will disconnect an emmisions plug long enough to set a code and light, plug it back in and batta-bing, customer comes back with problem. If customer doesn’t perform necessary drive cycles to reset the light, theres another $50 bucks. Customer leaves, everyone is happy.

Its a landrover Discovery 2 - 2002 Model. I am hoping that plugging a diagnostic connection will be the last resort.

Vehicle on a slope light is basically me trying to describe the 3rd indicator light that is on, (don’t know what its called).There is a yellow button quite similar with a red car going down slope inscribed on it.

I have also tried disconnecting the battery.

Is that “vehicle on a slope” light an “angle of attitude” warning light indicating an unstable lean, ascent or descent angle? It occurred to me that Landrovers are sold to traverse uncivilized terrain and perhaps this is a feature of them.

If so, you should have a “attitude” sensor, probably a pendulum device, and that may be defective.

Just a wild guess…