Jumpy front end

I have a 98’ Discovery Landrover. Occasionally when driving on the highway and hitting a few bumps - the front end goes crazy - bouncing about… The only way to get it to quit is to slow down to about 45mps (it never happens when going slow)…I’ve had it to three mechanics - everyone says it’s fine. Any ideas on what’s going on?

Sounds like the thing could use some new shocks in the front.


Just best to go ahead and change all 4 shocks.

45 MPS (miles per second)? Wow, that is some fast SUV!

You have apparently found three clueless mechanics. There is problem with the tires and/or suspension (shocks, ball joints, tie rod ends, steering damper if so equipped, etc.)

Time to look for mechanic #4.

I’m with Tester on this one. Repeated bouncing after hitting a bump is generally a sign that the shocks/struts are past due changing. If these are original, just do it.

I also agree with NYBo that it’s a good time to go over the front end with a fine tooth comb.

Does the front end bounce up and down? If so I’m with Tester. If you have a shimmy or shaking in the front end till you slow down then I’m with NYBo.

Probably this has gone bad. It’s simple to check when removed and easy to replace. It’s a shock absorber for the steering gear basically.


Yea, I had a steering damper on one of my cars back in the 60’s. I had never heard of one. It acted exactly like that.