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ABS Brakes Range Rover

Ray & Tom,

My '93 Range Rover ABS brakes have inconsistent stopping ability. They stop ‘normally’ and inconsistently they seem to require a longer stopping distance. I cannot associate this with any particular circumstance. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

A problem with brakes isn’t the kind if thing I would post on the internet and then wait for suggestions. This vehicle should go to a trustworthy shop for a proper diagnosis and repair. Brake problems should be addressed immediately by a professional.

You probably need a brake job and a brake fluid flush. A '93 probably never has had the fluid flushed, and this stuff is most likely crap by now.

I agree with both Whitey and Busted. It could be moisture in the brake system. Does it seem to do it more after it has sat cold for a while? It could be other things. In either case it should be addressed NOW.

Could you tell us more about requiring longer stopping distance. Normally you control the stopping distance by pressing harder or lighter on the brake peddle. Are you saying it takes more pressure to archive your normal stopping distance?

I would advice against trying to figure it out while you continue to drive the car anywhere other than the brake shop.  If this is Ice forming in the system, it could cause an unexpected brake failure anytime it is below freezing.