Lambrect Auction, Pierce Nebraska, Sept 27-29

I see the mainstream press is starting to hype this “once in a lifetime” auction, using it as a filler piece…A former Chevrolet dealer, Lambrecht Chevrolet, never sold his trade-in vehicles. He just stored them in a field, about 450 of them…He also kept the new cars and trucks he did not sell, about 50 of them, which were stored indoors…These range from 1954 to 1980 models, all Chevy cars and trucks. Most are mundane, 4-door sedans. But a few will spark the interest of collectors who seem to be willing to pay big money for zero mileage, never titled vehicles…As Auction Day approaches, it will be interesting to see just how much noise we hear about it in the media…

Kind of like finding a jar of pocket change your dad collected for years. Mostly worth just face value, but a few might be $$$$…

I would expect that any late 50s/early 60s Impalas and Bel Airs with the 348 or 409 option might bring the biggest bucks.

I think there is a '63 'Vette in there, a '65 Impala 327 3-speed, a '58 Nomad S/W, and a '55 Cameo P/U, brand new, but with some roof damage from where the building it was stored in collapsed…A new Corvair…So yes, 10 or 15 of the cars will be asked to lead the other 450 into the promised land…Here is a vehicle inventory and bid sheet.

There are some cool cars here. The best were stored indoors. Survivor cars that should just be enjoyed and not restored with single digit miles! It will be very interesting to see what they sell for.

Tha’d really be fun to go to. I don’t think its that far from Sioux Falls where I’ve got three BILs. I’ll have to keep it in mind.

I sometimes look at old cars, and for a few seconds think, Wow!, that would be fun to drive again. One car I enjoyed at the time was my 1936 Chevrolet.

Well, I enjoyed it when it would start.

And, then I remember the times those old cars wouldn’t start and all the tuning and replacing points and such and I think, my 2002 Sienna is wonderful. And, I forget about the old cars.

Not criticizing those who do spend the money, just reminding what is really involved with older cars, even if you get them totally restored.

I realize we have great mechanics who can make those old cars hum. But not everyone who attempts to restore an older car is that good, and they can be a pain. You won’t know until you try.