Lambrecht Chevrolet, Pierce, Neb. Auction

On Sept 28-29 of this year, 500 cars belonging to the Lambrecht family who ran a small Chevy dealership for over 50 years will be auctioned off including 50 brand new, unsold, zero mile cars and trucks…How about a 1964 Impala 2-door, 327, 3 on-the-tree transmission, 4 miles on the odometer…This auction should bring collectors from all over the world…50 collectable cars still on the MSO, factory build sheet…This will set collectors hearts racing…

The bulk of the fleet are trade-in’s that didn’t sell, so they just put them in storage…Mostly outside storage I think but maybe the nice ones got put in barns or sheds… Let the games begin!

I would almost not want one. I mean, it’s a great bargain, because restoring a car with 4 miles on it that doesn’t have 80,000 miles of road gunk coating everything and freezing bolts would be much easier and cheaper than a normal restoration. But once I was done, I’d have a classic car with 4 miles on it. I’d feel like I was bleeding value (and I would be) every time I drove it.

It’d probably be more fun to have a classic with more typical mileage that I would be able to enjoy on the road without feeling guilty about it.

Here’s a list of the 500 or so cars. Plenty of used ones for you, @shadowfax !

@texases If I get any more cars, the SO will throw me out of the house to make room. :wink:

Link doesn’t work, forbidden 403

Works for me…wonder why?

Yeah 403 for me too. Wish I new something about these computer programs.

autoweek’s website says the auction site has been kinda wonky lately. Probably from everyone trying to view the list of cars they have up

First thing most people would do, would be to put a modern powertrain in the car, then 4 wheel disc brakes because drums wont stop the car, then ac and automatic…

These cars need to go into a museum.

It’s not working for me now, either. Here’s an article with more info:

I just hope and pray that the big money type people from the Barrett Jackson auctions don’t snatch them up and turn them into resto-mods.
Butchering pieces of history grates on me something awful.

@wheresrick I thought drums were better-just kidding.

Those cars are worth whatever anyone wants to pay. And then they can seal them in plastic and display them like photos of the grandkids, or they can drive them to the grocery store. Really, those are mostly pretty ordinary cars, just old and unused or lightly used. The vast majority are old, neglected used cars that are probably more desirable for parts. And they are in Pierce, Nebraska, hardly a major population center. I’ll bet the well used models go for little more than scrap value. It looks like there are 10 or so with any real substantial value.