Labor time


How long should it take to replace the starter on a 1989 GMC pick up? Does two hours labor time for that seem excessive?




The HAynes manual for a 1989 GMC will have the blow by blow instructions for how to change the starter & what other items might need to be removed to gain access to the starter.

Read thru it & ask yourself, does this look like a 2 hour job?


Does this job look so simple that I might attempt it myself??


You can pick up a Haynes manual for your truck at most auto parts stores.


About 20 bucks.


You need to keep in mind that shop labor times are calculated assuming some unforseen problems will occur like having rusted bolts that take some extra time to persuade out. An experienced mechnic can usually beat the shop published times if they don’t run into problems like mentioned above.


Without having a Flat Rate manual, two hours sounds about right when you factor in periferal things such as diagnosis confirmation, moving the vehicle to and from the hoist or work station, bathroom break, waiting time at the parts counter, coffee break time allocation, paperwork and possibly more things I have not thought of.


Thanks everyone…We sure have a dispute going on and none of us have any flate rate manuels for mechanics to go by…One guy thinks two hours is way to long, another thinks it’s about right with no un-forseen problems and another guy say’s 1 hour TOPS with no un-forseen problems…Anyone out there with any “official” rate manuel quotes?
Thanks again…Sharex


It could be about right. If this is a labor/price quote you’re not happy with, then what’s the problem?
Try elsewhere or perform the job yourself.

It’s only gouging if they tell you an hour and charge you two. Maybe.


Attached you will find the flat rate labor times from the 2004 Chilton Labor Guide. Hope it helps.


thats the first time i have seen someone give that type of time info on this website!!!

if i had familiarity with a GMC i could elaborate. BUT since i am a chrysler dodge sorta guy…

i can change my starter in about an hour. but…

if i was doing this for a living i would have to allow for inspection of the ring gear, ensuring that it is indeed the starter, and then cleaning up, disposing of the leftover junk, and even taking time to order the starter.

so i guess 2 hours is (maybe excessive) but OK.


IF you don’t trust your mechanic, find a new one.


The public library network website in my state (MT) has an online flat-rate guide, as well as practically any service manual!


It may take an hour, it may take 2 hrs.

Is that $50-$100 going to kill you?


You forgot lunch time and vacation.