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Is the "shop hours" per job mechanic's book online?

I’d like to know how many hours an indy will charge me to do a simply drain and fill on my tranny.
Is the guide they use to determine # of hours to bill somewhere on the internet?

This site is pretty good. It even drills down to the average prices in your location.

Flat rate manual could be a useful google phrase too. But you already have a site. I’m always late these days. I cheated and saw the next comment. It’s true.

Your best bet is to call a local shop and ask them…

You’re going to have to ask the shop what the price will be. Every shop will have different policies for pricing–some may use a labor guide, some will have a “one price fits all” procedural charge, some may charge whatever they feel like that day.

Keep in mind that labor guides are just that; a guide only. Guides such as Chiltons, Motor, and so on usually have something in the foreword about this and that additional time should be allowed for rust, frozen or mangled fasteners, or even cleaning if the situation warrants it.

If the labor guides says 1 hour to change spark plugs and it turns out to be a 3 hour job because the plugs are frozen in place, threads are pulling when the plugs are removed, and so on then the labor guide has to go out the window.