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1998 Nissan Sentra

150k+ miles.


We have radio, lights & fuel pump but nothing else.

Mechanic next door got it to start by smacking the starter.

He says needs a new starter.

$200 for the starter + 2-1/2hours labor. ($400 total)

I saw it, that starter is way down at the bottom of the engine & right tight to the fire wall. Not a place I’d want to go!

Is he overcharging us? He says it will cost at least $200 more if we take it to a shop.

If he’s right on the time required, why should he charge shop rate? He doesn’t have a shop’s overhead to pay. Someone will tell you where to google for standard shop rate, job time, and starter cost.

I checked the price for the starter, it’s pretty close to his quote. He is allowed to a bit of mark-up.
But then, we did the math & he’s charging us $88/hour!!!

I think we need to renegotiate!

2 1/2 hours? Maybe for a DIYer who has never done it before, but not a mechanic. WHy don’t you call a shop or two for estimates?