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Allocated Time For repair

My dealer quoted six hrs labor to install a starter in my 2005 RX 330 Lexus. I don’t know where the starter is located but six hrs seems excessive.
What’s the standard for this repair?

thanks for your help

Only six hours? I think that they are trying to get rid of you. Is there something else included in this visit?

Alldata shows 42 minutes (0.7 hours). Remove the battery and air cleaner assembly, the starter is then quite accessible.

They are definitely ripping you off.
Don’t go to the dealer anymore.
Go to an independent mechanic. They’ll do a good job and you’ll pay for only an hour’s worth of work.

Got to agree with the others.

Same here. 6 hours is a rip.

I’ve done this repair so I flat do not know, but I have heard that the starter motor is buried under the intake manifold and that’s it’s a major league job to change. Do not automatically assume that the high cost is a ripoff without doing some investigative work.

As to ALLDATA they are not always correct either and from what I’ve heard, to save money they’re tagging along with the car makers on their published warranty times rather than spend time in the field figuring out what is actually involved in the repair.
Example of ALLDATA’s goofiness. The stated time for replacement of one rear wheel bearing on a 95 Camry is .9 hours. The stated time for the other side is .1 hours; like there’s a difference.
This is also carried over into many other repairs.

The labor time to replace the starter on your vehicle is 1 hour at the most. It just requires removing the battery, the battery tray, and the air filter housing assembly. You’re being ripped off on the labor quote.