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Knocking (Tapping) Noise when pushing gas

I have a Manual 2003 Mitsubishi OZ Rally Lancer. She was sitting for awhile due to the main cylinder causing issues for the clutch, which is now fixed. But I noticed the other day that whenever I press the gas there’s a tap noise for a second and goes away, it happens every time I put my foot on the gas. The sound is like someone tapping there foot on tile floor. I can also feel the tap noise.

I’m not sure what it could be. I know the passenger front tire is tinking when I drive around, which I’m getting fixed this afternoon, but any ideas on what could be causing this noise when I accelerate and how urgent would it need to be fixed?

fast tapping or slow ?
Does it change with engine RPM or road speed ?

It’s about 3 taps, within 1-2 seconds. It doesn’t change with speed or RPM.

If it happens only while the gas pedal is moving, maybe the pedal/linkage corroded while sitting and just needs a good shot of WD40 everywhere.

When you accelerate there’s an inertial force on the car which pushes the front end of the upward toward the sky and the back end down toward the ground. So the suspension parts at both ends of the car are moving when you step on the gas pedal. If there’s any play at all in those parts, this could happen. Suspect ball joint or suspension bushing problems.

Any chance its preignition from too low an octane rating? Try a tank of higher octane rating.

I did some inspecting. Took a look at my intake and it was way too loose. It was banging around in especially when I hit the gas and it now has a hole. Glad it wasn’t anything super super bad. Thanks for the comments you guys