A random tqapping sound only just noticed today

Ive just noticed a tapping sound in my car. Ive tried playing with the aircon with no luck. Ive taken a video to show you. Any ideas ?

I uploaded to youtube as it would not let me upload here. It sometimes fades in and out. And can hear most clearly in the car

Any help at all?

At what speed were you driving when you recorded those noises?
This is just a shot in the dark, but it sounds to me like the noise from a defective tire.

Please state the model-year and approximate miles/kms on this Mitsubishi Lancer.

Was the vehicle parked when the sound was recorded?

Is the intermittent sound present while the engine is idling? Have you observed the harmonic balancer while the engine is idling?
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Its idle when i recorded that sound.

Mitsubishi lancer 2014 160k on the clock just had the 150k service done

The car was idle when you can hear it only started happening last night when my partner drove it down the road

Granted, my hearing is pretty lousy (sucks actually) but that sounds more like a knock more than a tap. Knocking is generally more serious than tapping as tapping often points to valve lifters and knocking more in the line of rod bearings or a faulty harmonic balancer.

How much do you trust your partner’s driving habits?
I assume the oil was changed at 150k so I might ask if you have raised the hood to check the oil level since that 150k service?

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In that case, then–obviously–we can rule-out a tire defect.

If the engine is tapping/knocking at idle, that could be the result of a currently low oil level, or it could be an indication of engine damage from a consistently low oil level, ergo–lax maintenance in the long term.

None of those possibilities bode well, unfortunately.

I got shown how to check this and it seems the sound is coming from the carbon canister. I did check the oil level its at a high level.

When i got it serviced they said it needed a clean with an air compressor but wanted to charge me 100.00 i passed but taking it back for a clean now. Hopefully thats what the issue is

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$100 for a .01 second shot from an air compressor? Sounds like you dodged a bullet.

It’s unlikely to have anything to do with the fuel vapor control system. A moving part is involved here.

Take it to a different shop.

I’m not buying that carbon canister theory. Even with my pathetically sorry auditory abilities it sounds more serious than that even after listening to it several more times. That comes across as a solid thump to me.

I might ask again. How many miles did your partner put on the car and how certain are you there was no automotive flogging going on?

I’m not trashing this person so please do not take it that way. The first few years my daughter was a driver she could not make a right turn without curbing the wheels. She would deny it but the skin marks on the right side wheels/tires said otherwise. Thankfully this habit died after a while and she became an excellent driver.