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91 toyota alltrac popping-tapping noise

I have a 91 toyota alltrac stick shift. When I feed the gas or accelerate, the car makes a popping or tapping noise in the motor compartment. It only makes this noise when you give the car gas in motion.

When you let off the peddle, the noise stops. The noise seems a tad stronger when I have a load of people in the car.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It might be preignition AKA “pinging”. Try using a lower gear when accelerating. Also try as a diagnostic, a tank full of premium fuel. If the sound goes away, you need some work under the hood, but I can’t say for sure what. Is the engine light on? If not, does the engine work? A very common cause of preignition is insufficient EGR flow due to a defective valve or clogged EGR passages.

The engine light is not on and the car runs great! Being that it only does it when im giving it gas I was thinking it was maybe a fuel problem. The car is actually a corolla station wagen alltrac. aside from this noise, the car is a great little work horse automobile.