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Valve Tapping

2006 chrysler 300 Touring V6 3.5L HO 40K/miles. Just recently had a tapping sound start two weeks ago and last week I had the oil changed. I have put oil additives, fuel system cleaner and high octane gas. Still tapping and halfway through the fresh tank of gas with fuel system cleaner. Any Advice?

What was your reasoning behind using the chemicals you listed,espically a fuel of higher octane than required?I understand it is possible to be “swayed” by the claims listed on the containers of some products,but the high octane gas,why?

I was not sure if moisture, dirt or bad gas caused the tapping. It is constant and is louder and faster as the engine hits Higher speed.

Let’s forget what you tried, and move back to why.

How about more information about the tapping sound. You have had it two weeks. Does it tap all the time, when it is cold, when it is hot, going up hill, going down??? Have you checked the oil lately? How many total miles on your car? Any change in power?

It is a noise. Noises have sources. Where is it coming from? Hint: a length of garden hose can be used like a stethoscope so you can pin point the source.