2012 Kia Sedona has had lots of problems

My Sedona 2012 which I bought off the dealership floor with 18 miles on it has had a multitude of problems including key ignition problems, gear shifting problems, and opening and closing problems with the side sliding doors. We bought it in 2014, shortly after these problems occurred.

So let me get this right… you bought a 2012 car with only 18 miles on it (so brand new) from a dealer TWO years later? Did you ever wonder why this car didn’t sell before you came along?

And this:

You can’t mean that right? You really mean these problems occurred shortly AFTER you bought it, right?

Do you have a question? Are you looking for help? Tell us more about your car, mileage, what has broken, attempts to get this stuff fixed under warranty, things like that.

I had the warranty on the car so I wasn’t too worried about it because I knew it would be fixed. However, when the problems started to mount, I knew I had a lemon. The warranty is up and I have written a memo to the KIA dealership where I bought the car, they have not responded. I wrote to the administrative office in Irvine, California. It’s been two weeks and they have not responded either. I sent it receipt requested so I know they received it.

Remember, I mentioned a problem with the sliding doors and while I had coverage it was fixed. The problem is back with the door not opening or closing without getting out of the minivan and doing it manually. Another problem is the sliding door does not stop closing when an obstruction is in its way. I read something about a recall on certain KIA cars regarding this door problem.