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2008 Odyssey Middle Captain's Chair Disassembly

For the life of me I cannot find anything on the internet on how to disassemble the middle captain’s chairs for my odyssey. One of the mechanisms for removing the seat doesn’t work, and the dealer has only stated that the whole seat base would have to be replaced. Which of course would cost hundreds of dollars more than the possibility of either finding something that just needs to be lubricated or a simple part replaced.

Anyone know where I can find information to do this myself?

2nd row chair removal. Maybe similar to what you are looking for.

Edited: forgot to include link:

I’ll check again, but everything I’ve found is just directions to remove the whole seat assembly, which is the problem I am having. No one seems to have actually tried to remove the seat from the base so that parts can be easily replaced without having to take it to a dealer.

Would an “exploded view” drawing help?

If one of these doesn’t help, perhaps the dealer’s parts window guy will print an exploded view drawing of your seat for you.

I’ve fixed a few seats over the years but never have I seen a manual on how to take one apart. I suspect they exist but good luck finding one. If you’re sufficiently knowledgeable and determined, you’ll get it apart but you’ll need an exploded view diagram with part numbers to get the broken bits you’ll need.

I fixed an electric seat for a buddy once that had a stripped worm gear. Took a bit of ingenuity to get it disassembled to the point of finding the bad gear. I figured I had nothing to lose by going to the local Chevy dealer and asked the guy at the parts counter for gear such and such and gave him their part # for it. No kidding, he had one and it was under $5. This was a 10+ year old car at the time…

Why not just remove the whole seat and then it should be easier to work on it anyway.

I’ll go out on a limb and say it is virtually impossible to separate the seat frame from the base assembly while it is still bolted into place in the vehicle. The way I read it was the OP could find instructions on how to remove the seat but not how to separate the base from the assembly (once it is out). Going back, I can see how you read it that way so it will be interesting to hear clarification from the OP…

Yeah. I know how to remove the seat but that is what the problem is. I was just hoping something could be done to get the two separated, but looking like it’s very unlikely.

I am going to try this again. Remove the whole seat and then you may be able to drill rivets or do something else to accomplish what you want. I removed a corvette drivers seat to repair a broken seat back hinge.

Thank you. But the issue is that I was trying to see if I could pull the seat out without breaking anything. If I could already pull the whole assembly out I would.

I went back and read the original post. I think I understand now. You’re trying to remove the seat but the release mechanism is not working so it is stuck in place.

You mentioned that ONE of the mechanisms is not working. Does this mean that there are two of them? If so, can you get close enough to see exactly what that good mechanism does to release the seat retaining clips? (or perhaps a different seat that does come out?) You may be able to manually pry up on a clip if you can see what releases them…Once out, you can fix the broken release mechanism…