2014 Toyota Corolla - door locks

remote do not open all doors it was just the driver door now it hit or miss on all doors. Have to use the key for driver door and manually open the others. The remote has a new battery.

  • Faulty key-fob (remote)

  • Faulty electronics or antenna inside the car which receive and process the signal from the key-fob

  • Faulty door lock activators or wiring (not this if inside driver’s door switches work for all the doors)

My guess, some sort of problem w/the remote. Try removing battery, clean its terminals, clean the fob’s battery terminals, and re-install the battery. While he battery is out ask you shop to measure its voltage matches what it should be too. If that doesn’t do the trick, you’ll have to take it to a shop for further diagnostics. Or just use the methods you are currently using.

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Excellent advice above. One more wild guess, I wonder if the car’s battery might be low? Since it powers the door locks and receiver, it might be possible that it’s having an effect. Any other odd behavior?

98% of the time the problem is with the door lock actuators.

Sit in the car with the doors closed, lock and unlock the doors with the door lock switch on the door panel 5 times. Do the locks operate each time?