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Remote Power Door lock question

Hello everyone!
I am new to the forums and a newbie home mechanic. I had to replace my passenger side mirror on my 2008 Chevy Impala and all went well however, now my passenger side door lock doesn’t unlock with the remote control on my keys. Perhaps this is something I wasn’t aware of before? Only the driver side unlocks. I thought, perhaps this was by design and I didn’t notice it until I worked on the door and tested it? Is this normal?


My current and previous remotes unlock driver door only with one push and all doors with two pushes.

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ok, I’ll take a look at that. thanks!

Can you unlock the door by inserting the key in the keyhole or by pushing the door lock button inside the car?If the door unlock, the door lock actuator motor is fine.If it doesn’t unlock you need to replace the p/d/l actuator motor by removing the door panel.

Yep, the other door locks are sticking too. I inherited the car not long ago and didn’t notice this issue until I replaced the passenger side mirror.

Remove the door panel and spray penetrating oil at both end of the actuator rod.That might unstick them for a while until both actuator motors are replaced.Passenger doors are seldom use and this is why they stick.

There are many ways the remote can be programmed to lock and unlock doors in this car, I think. You really need to review all this stuff in the owner’s manual which should be in the glove box. If it’s not there here’s a link to a complete PDF of the manual, from GM directly. It’s free.

2008 Impala Owners Manual

I found door lock info starting at page 2-10.

Yeah you can program the remote to unlock just the driver’s door with the first hit, then open all the doors with the second. If that’s not it, could be a sticky or failing lock solenoid, or if it is just the one they worked on, did all the wires get hooked up again? I’ve got a weak solenoid that sticks when the weather is cold but due to the fun of replacing it, am living with it for a while.

Might be worth checking that the door lock switch was plugged back in when door was worked on.