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Keyless Entry

Do any cars other than Ford, Lincoln & Mercury have keyless entries? I’m not overly fond of these cars, but don’t wish to hunt car keys all over the house.

Do any other car companies have keyless entries?

If not, is there any way to put a keyless entry on a car unequipped for such?


Just about every manufacture offers keyless entry.

You can equip cars that did not come from the factory with keyless entry.

If the car also did not come equipped with power door locks the car would have have power door lock actuators installed also, figure $50.00 per door for power lock actuators (per door) and a minimum $100.00 for the keyless reciever (low end system)

It is best to buy the car equipped with keyless entry

It is best to buy the car with power door locks

AFAIK, only Ford/Lincoln/Mercury offers true keyless entry. The Ford cars have a code pad on the door. To get into the car you don’t need keys or a remote of any sort. You just enter your personal code and the door unlocks. I think that this might be what the OP is talking about.

I believe most makes have some models with keyless entry systems. However I have read of more problems with these systems to want one on my car.

A Volvo S80 sedan is keyless, as are most other Volvos. With the S80, the little domino-shaped button pad stays in your purse and never comes out. You walk up to the car and it recognizes you when you pull the door or trunk handle, and unlocks. You push the engine start button to start the car, and push it again to stop the car. When you get out, you lock the door by pressing a button in the door handle.

It’s addictive. I have another car that still needs a key and I find myself forgetting to pull it out of my pocket.

You still miss the advantage of having a keypad. With a keypad, you don’t have to have anything at all with you. You can go to the beach and lock your keys and your remotes and whatever else in the car. When your ready to leave, just enter the code to get back in. That’s much better than even On-Star. You don’t need to have a phone, or pay a service.