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Looking for cars without push-button start

Hi! I’ve never bought a car before, but I was wondering if you guys know of any cars that still use regular keys and not the key fobs? I have been thinking about buying a car and whether it’s new, used, or whatever, I’m a bit lost. I’m also nervous about the push button starts because obviously after a while the button would stop working or the signal would not work correctly. I just want a car that I can drive.

This isn’t even worth worrying about. These systems are just fine . As for key fobs, Finding a vehicle without keyfob remote entry is almost impossible .


Thanks for the quick response, i’ve tried looking for cars that don’t have key fobs or push button starts, but I haven’t been able to find anything other than vintage cars. Those are cool but I have no idea how to take care of one, so finding one made now as you said is nearly impossible. It’s reassuring in a way though, so thank you.

any system on any car can wear out. That’s why I have a job. :wink: Stressing unnecessarily won’t do anything to help it last longer.

Just find a car you like, and drive happy.

You seem to be overlooking the fact that ignition lock cylinders can wear out over time. I think the button is more reliable at this point.

It’s also very nice not to have to dig keys out of your pocket (or purse) each time you get in the car.

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I have owned cars with over 200,000 miles, and NEVER once had any issues with the ignition lock, or any of the door/trunk/fuel door locks either. Even when I lived in Illinois, where rust was a major problem.

Sure, keyless entry/push-to-start systems may be marginally more convenient for some people, but what are you giving up in exchange for this “convenience”? If you value your privacy and security, you want to drive an old car that does not have these kind of features.

Also, I can’t help but laugh at some of the newer models which don’t have physical lock cylinders on any of the doors. What are you supposed to do if the battery fails, or the system malfunctions? Break out the driver’s window?

Just as likely to happen on a key start car. For anti-theft purposes, every new car has a chipped key that’s queried by the car before you start it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a key-start or a button-start, it’s the same system.

Nothing but Luddite views, honestly.

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I bought a 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt LS the beginning of 2010. No power windows or door locks, just an ignition key. One of the more reliable and sturdy cars I’ve owned. It’s survived 5 years of my oldest driving it. It’s been reliable since there is hardly anything to break on it. I’ve had to replace the front door speakers and the EPS (Electric Power Steering) was replaced under recall but that’s about it.

Good luck,

Ed B.

I haven’t heard of a car like this. Could you please give an example?

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Many of them are hidden behind a trim piece. I hope your against new things does not carry over to your employment .

My wife owns a 07 Lexus with push-button start. Now has well over 200k miles and only issue we’ve had is she had to replace the battery in the fob once. If you forget to replace battery, the fob has a hidden key in it to allow you to be able to still start the car.

Wife will never buy another vehicle without it. Don’t have to fiddle in purse to find keys. Once at a mall there were a group of kids vandalizing cars as she was walking to her car. She was able to get in car quickly and drive off to safe distance and call police. They showed up while she was calling them…someone had already called. But she felt a lot safer because she could get in the car very quickly and drive off quickly.

Start with lower trim levels of compact cars such as the Civic LX or the Toyota Corolla which even the 2020 model can be had without push button start on the L or the LE without the tech package. May not be as easy to find on dealer lots however.

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IMO, your concerns about keyless starting are misplaced. Electronic systems are more reliable than mechanical systems. If you put a lot of keys on your key chain, the weight can lead to damage to the ignition cylinder. This won’t happen with a push button start system.

I have the push button start in my 2017 Honda Accord EX-L. The proximity feature for the keyfob also makes getting into the car or the trunk nearly effortless. All doors unlock when I put my fingers inside the driver’s door handle. I don’t have to fiddle with the key. This also works for my wife if she gets to the door handle first; she can open the passenger door if I’m next to the car. There is also a push button for the trunk. With my keyfob in my pocket, I can push that button and the trunk pops open.

One Of These Days Real Soon Now, my wife will start looking at a new car, and I will insist on this feature. It’s one of the biggest improvements between my 2005 Accord and the 2017.


I believe some of the new Jetta’s and other VW’s appear to have this condition. I say appear because there actually is a drivers door lock key hole… It is hidden behind a snap on plastic cover and is only to be use in emergency situations. Its just a body color plastic cover over the key hole…sometimes they hide the key way vertically almost under the handle. Here is but one example…there are many out there these days. Crazy mixed up world…

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The Nissan Versa S sedan has the regular old ignition and door lock keys as well as crank up windows.

On my daughters 4 Runner something went wrong with the push button ignition that cost her over $400 to have repaired.

What are you supposed to do if the battery fails

Most, if not all systems, have procedures to start the car if the FOB battery fails.
One common one is to step on the brake, hold the FOB right against the “start/stop” button, and press it twice to start.

In that case, that’s not the example I’m asking bcohen2010 for.

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Hmmm, Well I don’t think I have to say that you are correct, but i will… I dont know how I got lost on this one… lol

I bought a Honda Accord with a keyless ignition. It had 8000 miles on it. I had misgivings. Today it would not start. It now has 36000 miles. The button did nothing except flash the dashboard lights. It has been towed to a Honda dealership. I would never buy another car with keyless ignition. However, I assume those are hard to find.

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Sounds like the car battery failed, if that is the case it would be no different with a metal key.