Volvo S80 Key fob only works on third click

I’ve recently got an issue with my key fob. I’ve got a Volvo S80 and my key fob all of the sudden stopped working on the first click. I need to press every button exactly 3 times before anything happens, always 3 times.
I replaced the battery in it, but no difference, do I need to replace the whole key fob? Replacing and reprogramming costs almost 400 bucks, which I’d rather avoid paying if I could. Anyone had this happen before?

Can’t say but I replaced both of mine already. About $80 on line for oem and about $120 for dealer programming. Of course they warned that on line purchases don’t always work but mine were fine.

I expect you’re going to have to replace the key fob. I have a similar problem from time to time, not with key fob, but tv/audio remote control units. The key switches are covered with a rubber-like material, and that material allows oils (from skin or eating potato chips) to pass through over time, and the oils eventually contaminate the switches. In the case of the aforementioned remote control gadgets, I take the gadget apart, clean the rubber and switch contacts, and that usually fixes the problem.


Hate to put it this way, but…… welcome to Euro-sport-luxury vehicles.


Yeah thanks mate! lol loving it so far.