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Replace '96 Grand Marquis door keppad

Hi. Ford dealership says my keyless entry keypad is bad. About $350 to replace. Independent mechanic says they can’t because of issues requiring programming. Since this is a wired keypad and is just inputting “numbers” is it actually matched somehow to the car computer or is it just a “dumb” input device that I can replace myself for $150? Anybody out there know?
Thanks for your help.

The keypad needs to be programmed to sync with the PCM, which requires the dealer level scanner.

Thanks, that’s what I was afraid of.

Btw, I had an '86 grand Marquis for years, and maybe used the keypad once. I always used the fob.

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Locked my keys in the car other day. Would have been nice to have a functional keypad then. I guess a spare key in my wallet would be the cheapest option.

You just need the keyless entry code when replacing the keypad.


I’ve seen these keypads on various Ford cars for at least 30 years now. Our family rarely, if ever used the keypad, and I’ve often wondered how many folks actually do use them. Apparently more than a few, as Ford keeps installing them.

Still, it’s kind funny to me to see a brand new F-150 with the same keypad I saw 30+ years ago.

That mechanic is wrong. The keyless entry code is stored in the GEM (body control module). The keypad is simply an input device. You can change it out without programming anything.